Everything You Need to Know About Swing Handle Locks

swing handle lock

A swing handle lock, also known as a drop bolt lock, is one of the most versatile and easily accessible door locks available on the market today. These locks are used primarily in commercial settings, but they’re sometimes utilized in residential ones too. They offer increased safety over other types of door locks, since they secure both the inside and outside of the door by connecting to handles that swing in and out, respectively. If you want to learn more about this versatile and functional door lock, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about swing handle locks!

What is a swing handle lock?

A swing handle lock is a type of door hardware that allows you to open and close the door by pushing or pulling on the handle. A swing handle lock can be installed on any type of door, including exterior doors, interior doors and even garage doors. The swing handles come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have two common features: a latch set into the back of the handle so it can be pulled up or pushed down and a lock mechanism that is fitted into the edge of the door’s frame. The latch will prevent someone from entering while they are not authorized as well as preventing someone from exiting without first unlocking it. The lock mechanism is what keeps your entryway secure when you’re away from home. There are two types of locks you can install on your door: key locks and knob locks. When installing a knob lock, there is a metal rod connected to the end of the knob that will fit into the edge of the frame like with a push-lock set-up. With this option, only one person at a time will be able to enter since there is no latch keeping people out who don’t have keys. Key locks offer more security than knob locks because if someone has access to your keys then they also have access to unlock your door anytime day or night.

How does a swing handle lock work?

A swing handle lock is a door locking mechanism that features a round handle that swings out to be used as the key. When the handle is pushed back in, it locks into place and cannot be opened from the outside. It requires two keys: one for locking, and one for opening. The latter key fits inside the former key when not in use, which ensures it’s easy to keep track of both keys if you lose one. A downside to this type of lock is that it has no anti-picking mechanism or strike plate on the exterior surface. To prevent unauthorized entry, homeowners should install a chain or security device on the interior surface. The other major disadvantage to this type of lock is its reliance on only one key: a lost or misplaced key renders the entire house inaccessible until the locksmith arrives. Additionally, there’s always a chance someone will tamper with your lock during the time it takes for them to show up. For these reasons, it may be wise to choose an alternative type of lock instead. One option is a deadbolt lock, which also has no anti-picking mechanisms or strike plates but comes equipped with a keyhole on either side. In order to secure the exterior side of your door and deter burglars from tampering with the inner side, owners can purchase additional hardware such as a metal bar gate, metal guard strips and boltwork. One downside to deadbolts is their inability to work smoothly with old doors made from soft wood; they’ll either get stuck or break apart after repeated use. Another option for renters who want increased security without giving up mobility would be installing screw locks (also called rimlocks) on their doors–a slightly less expensive version of deadbolts that do not require much installation work but are susceptible to damage caused by drilling.

What are the benefits of using a swing handle lock?

Swing handle lock are a great option for those who want to maintain the look of their doors. The lock is installed on the door frame and can be opened with a key from either side, making them perfect for front or back entrances. They are also easy for children and seniors alike.

Swing handle locks have other benefits as well: they’re easy to install, cost less than deadbolts and can be easily rekeyed with a punch tool, if you need to change the lock at any point in time. They come in different finishes, so you’ll be able to choose one that blends seamlessly with your home’s design. For homeowners who want some peace of mind, these locks come with insurance coverage for up to $500.

Swing handle locks are an affordable way to protect the entranceway into your house and provide peace of mind – not just for adults but for children as well! Plus, installation is quick and easy. Contact us today for more information about swing handle locks. We offer free quotes, no-obligation consultations and expert advice!

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