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If you haven’t heard of the Western Pennsylvania Computer Society, now’s the time to learn more! WPC2029 is known around town as the go-to tech service provider in the Greater Pittsburgh area. The entire team here at WPC2029 strives to keep abreast of all of the latest technology in order to provide reliable and valuable computer support services to people who need it most! With that in mind, let’s get into what this exciting organization has been up to lately!

It’s true

Western Publishing courses do get funnier and more satirical every year. The easiest way to find evidence of our course’s humor, of course, is by reading some student evaluations . Students say things like, I wasn’t expecting much from a Western Publishing Course but I found it really informative and fun, I liked it so much I thought about going again next semester even though I can only go once, and even WPC2029 was awesome. That’s all. Bye. (And yes – these are real student comments.) So when you see that title on your schedule or in your online registration system , be prepared for a hilarious time…or at least an entertaining one!

There was an unusual delivery at my office recently

A massive and mysterious wooden crate, addressed simply to me. I cracked it open to find a WPC2029 unit — an unmanned robotic lawn mower. It was odd, but also cool: After my garage became overgrown with weeds recently, I realized that there wasn’t enough room in my budget for a traditional lawn mower or even a smaller model. The 2029 was inexpensive and did not require gas or any other maintenance beyond occasionally replacing its batteries. To be clear, it doesn’t actually cut grass: It simply trims a one-foot border around my property using three rotating blades that are two inches long apiece. And as you might expect from something called WPC2029, it comes equipped with a speaker system that plays music from your phone via Bluetooth, though you can switch off Wi-Fi if you don’t want to bother with streaming.

What makes WPC2029 especially fun is its ability to play games while it’s working. You can choose between several options on its touchscreen display, including trivia questions (which can be surprisingly difficult) and Sudoku puzzles (which are quite challenging). But best of all is when you put on virtual reality goggles (included), which allow you to experience various adventures while your yard gets trimmed at home.

The story behind why they were sent

What happens when a husband and wife travel across Europe with their two children in tow, stopping at tourist sites along their journey. A word of caution, if you plan on reading what I had written about The Parthenon near Athens, Greece…You may want to sit down first. It isn’t for everyone that reads it!!! That being said; it did get quite a few laughs from my wife…which makes me feel a little better when thinking back on what happened later during our trip…but I will leave that for another time. For now enjoy my story about The Parthenon!!! Cheers!! #WPC2029 #WelcomingProfessionalsNow2k19

What we did with them…

You will not be able to stop laughing and will never forget that name: WPC2029. You’ll remember it for a long time. Use these English words: laugh, joke, humor, laughter, comedic. Put them in any order you want but make sure you use all of them and at least once in every sentence. Example: I am sure you will find yourself laughing like a clown at their jokes because they are really funny; I laughed hysterically all day long from watching just one of their hilarious comedy shows. Do not forget to mention that WPC2029 is simply amazing and you will have so much fun if you come visit us in Prague during our July festival where we celebrate an International Week of Laughter. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about what we do here at WPC2029. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How did you find this blog?

I learned about WPC2029 from my job at a dental practice in NYC. A few of us attended a speech last year and we all have been hooked ever since. It’s not just informative and fun, it’s empowering too! I was instantly drawn to Whitney’s candidness and honesty when she talked about her weight loss journey. She really inspired me to make a change for myself and now I’m so glad that I did. If you’re looking for an online support group that will help you on your own weight loss journey, look no further than WPC2029! Check them out today! Jessica P., New York City Dental Assistant  How did you find out about WPC2029?: I found out about WPC2029 through a friend who had already lost 30 pounds. She told me how much she loved it and encouraged me to check it out for myself. At first, I was skeptical because there are so many different programs out there promising weight loss success but delivering nothing but disappointment. But after reading through some of their blogs and learning more about their program, I decided to give it a try and see what happened. Now I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier with any other program! Not only am I losing weight but also gaining confidence every day as well!

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