How to get quality backlinks to help your website grow faster

Backlink providers come in all shapes and sizes. Many promise to send lots of high PR links quickly and cheaply, leading customers to believe they will get a big boost in their site’s ranking.

Unfortunately, many buy backlinks building services take on this responsibility in a way that can harm your site’s ranking and possibly de-index it entirely. The reward you thought will fail.

How is it possible? Getting pr5 – pr8 backlinks is very easy.

This is usually done using a “profile link”. This is an account created on a website forum using the keyword “as signature”. Backlink services can create multiple accounts per day for clients with high PR links. If you are a webmaster on one of these forums and you notice that an account has been created with a link to your site and there are no forum entries, are you satisfied? Webmasters have worked hard to make PR fair for freelancers who take the opportunity to steal PR for nothing. And worse, it creates a maintenance headache for webmasters.

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Multiply this by the maximum number of PR links allowed,

The number of link building services that offer this type of service, and the number of websites that subscribe to the service. So you are part of the problem that confuses many webmasters. The result is the loss of most or all of your links as webmasters monitor and delete hundreds or thousands of accounts managed by these backlink providers.

How does this affect you? This causes at least two problems.

First, the money you pay the service provider when the connection drops, resulting in little or no connection. Second, and most importantly, search engines can easily track a website’s backlink activity. Let’s say you get the best PR links to your site. The next day you have 50 or 100. A week or two later you have another handful. Do you feel like a natural for search engines like Google? His system asks did you try to do anything to check the algorithm. What was the answer? The answer may or may not be correct.

Protect yourself from suspicious activity. Look for backlink services that use methods acceptable to search engines. Search engines favor quality content, which is increasingly added to quality sites to benefit their customers: searchers. And they want to see permalinks.

Links are an important part of a good SEO campaign.

The right links help the website rank higher, so an average website attracts more visitors. When all of your SEO elements are in place, more traffic will reach your goals, whether it’s building a list or increasing sales.


Getting backlinks is easy if you know the techniques. This technique is not difficult and the return on investment can be excellent when mastered.

There are many places to get backlinks and many websites are great for backlink seekers. The problem is that any simple backlink has potential downsides. Let’s look at a few:

Free backlink service. Many of these services are available online and are popular. You sign up, enter your keyword and URL, and the link is generated. You usually have to come back to your site once a day to build a new set of links and they usually have an up sell component.

Here are the issues with this service:

They want you to come back every day because that’s how they attract visitors and use you for their own purposes. You have no control over where or in what context the connection ends. Search engines are very helpful in identifying and reducing these types of links. Join the forum, create a profile and add your profile link. You can buy a forum listing for $5.

The problem with this approach is that if you don’t participate in the forum, you’re just creating a fake profile that has been created by thousands of other people, so the webmasters will reject it visit

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