How to Host the Ultimate Backyard Family Movie Night

Bring a big screen to your backyard! We have DIY ideas to turn your backyard into a family-friendly backyard movie night . Make some of the most popular and freestanding degrees for film under the stars.

Seating Setup

Scatter cushions and chairs around the backyard for the adults, while the kids grab small pillows and blankets. If you set up on the grass, you can bring out a few sleeping bags to keep the kids more cool during the movie! Baskets from the house keep everything organized while oversized balloons add a pop of color and make the night feel special.

Stand of Permission

Stack a grab-and-go area on a long table. For an extra touch of fun, ride in the theater-style popcorn cart (you can rent one for the day if you don’t want to invest in buying one). Bright lights have to illuminate that can’t compete with film.

Configure the Event

No need to go out and buy extra seats for your screening. Easily transform your backyard into an outdoor theater with stylish tents, chairs and blankets. Reserve a chair nearby and hang bright balloons from tree branches, and be sure to set up snacks near the screen for easy snacking between movies!

DIY Movie Screen

When the lights go down, it’s show time! With the help of an extension or output cable, stream the movie from a laptop or office-level projector. Or, go all-out with this DIY outdoor film screen made from a few PVC pipes and cast cloth

Ticket Necklace

This silver screen inspired necklace is fun, simple and perfect for adorning your cinema concession stand. To make one, take a roll of paper tickets and tear a few strips of tickets to the desired length (we used four tickets per strip.) Cut a piece of jute string to the length you bo demanding, and sets it straight. Fold the top ticket or two over the jute rope; hot-glue area for storage. Repeat the length of the jute, using a ruler, if you like, to level the areas of the ticket.

Mix and Match

Let the kids (and adults!) create their own custom snack mixes. We’ve chosen a variety of popular movie snacks, but you can substitute nuts, fruits, and crackers. If you’re looking for something a little healthier, this homemade cheesy snack mix is one of our favorites.

By Zain Liaquat

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