Start your own cleaning business

Cleanliness is a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle. It goes without saying. It’s also clear that most people hate anything related to cleaning. Cleaning is boring, unpleasant and very unprofitable – financially. Not for them, that is, for those who clean.

Most people would rather make a living, spend time with their kids, and have fun than deal with dirt and grime. Here’s a great business opportunity – multiple profitable opportunities – for anyone who doesn’t find cleaning too scary.

What’s in business

As you might expect, this section covers several ways to make money part-time; other full-time job; In some you do the work yourself, in others there is little direct contact with the end users. For example, you can start your own

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning service
  • Circle for cleaning windows
  • Home and apartment cleaning service
  • Contract cleaning service

Some ideas may appeal to you. Additional information, technical expertise and support are available from franchises, machinery suppliers and many material manufacturers.

How to apply depends on the role you choose.

A sole trader can do everything from advertising to Rengøringshjælp  , invoicing and year-end accounting. As a partner, you can clean up while another person deals with administrative and management matters. Alternatively, you can enter into an agreement with a specialized franchise cleaning agency, where most of the administrative matters are handled by the parent company and local matters such as cleaning are handled by you.

All companies thrive on a professional reputation, and most organizations are a good investment by choosing good carpets and quality upholstery. These products are meant to last, so regular professional cleaning is essential.

Most organizations hire staff for daily cleaning and vacuuming,

Responsible for shampooing and outsourcing special treatments. Look in any local newspaper and you’ll find a selection of small businesses, usually man (or woman) businesses that offer carpet and upholstery cleaning to residential and commercial customers. A happy customer is a loyal customer, and this is a business where repeat business and word of mouth referrals bring in most of your revenue.


Running a small carpet upholstery cleaning business does not require any special experience or qualifications, even by high professional standards. Machines and cleaners are the biggest investment, and many suppliers offer training and ongoing support.

First impressions are important.

Customized machines and your name on the side of your van say a lot about the quality and reliability of your service. As well as his own approach and attitude to business. Look smart, try to keep appointments and always act like a professional. Your equipment should also look good, be serviced regularly and work properly.

It doesn’t just apply to business customers. Homeowners are another source of regular business and a valuable pool of free advertising through referrals and referrals.

Income can be high even for small businesses run by one person and one machine.

The biggest problems you face are talkative clients, people who can make you late for your next meeting and reduce the number of calls you make in a day. Be friendly but diplomatic. Time is money.

Before starting your own business, it’s a good idea to check out established companies, even if that means having someone who’s seen the ad for a while clean your carpet. Alternatively, you can discreetly ask bars, showrooms, hotels and restaurants what cleaning products they use and how satisfied they are with the service.

 Round window washing

All places have windows, some easy to clean, some less so. The windows of small rooms are often cleaned by the owner. Large homes, shops, clubs, pubs and many businesses use standard exterior window cleaners. This is another time when repeat business and referrals make regular advertising unnecessary.

Starting a window cleaning business requires no qualifications or experience and the start-up costs are minimal. Ladders, buckets, hides and cleaning supplies are all you need. Some transports are for larger tours and others for long calls. Large residential areas and compact shopping centers are valuable for window cleaning companies, where it takes a long time to get from one call to another and transportation is rarely needed. Most of the top rounds have already been completed with other companies willing to jump in. However, you can contact other customers directly to ask questions.

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