What is The Vacuum Erection Devices? How They Work?

vacuum erection devices

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is among the most pressing concerns that face globally is facing. The inability to get erections and having unsatisfactory sexual experiences can cause men problems and affect a couple’s relationship. In the case of ED, the men experience weak erections. As a result, they can’t have a fulfilling sexual experience. Treating ED is possible since various options include medications, vacuum erection devices, injections, behavioral therapy, counseling, etc.

Now, let’s check what the causes of ED are.

The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Understanding the commonly diagnosed probable reasons can assist you in determining why you may be suffering from the condition. So here are five frequent reasons for erectile dysfunction:

1. Endocrine diseases

The endocrine system generates hormones that govern several bodily functions, including metabolism, sexual performance, reproduction, and temperament.

Diabetes is one incidence of an endocrine disorder that may result in impotence. So diabetes impairs the body’s use of the hormone insulin.

Nerve injury is one of the consequences linked with chronic diabetes. As a result, this affects penis sensations. Moreover, other diabetes-related problems include decreased blood circulation and hormone imbalances. So these two variables may both lead to impotence. In this case, the possible treatment will be treating diabetes, penile injections, or using vacuum devices for men

2. Neurological and nerve problems

Multiple neurologic disorders may increase the likelihood of impotence. Nerve disorders impair the brain’s capacity to interact with the reproductive system. Hence this may prevent an erection from emerging.

3. Some medications

Certain drugs might impair blood flow, contributing to erectile dysfunction (ED). Even if a medicine is known to induce impotence, you must never quit taking it without your doctor’s approval. 

4. Cardiac-related disorders

Conditions affecting the heart and its capacity to pump blood efficiently might result in impotence. Moreover, without sufficient blood circulation to the penis, it is impossible to generate an erection.

Moreover, Atherosclerosis, a disorder that produces blocked blood arteries, may result in impotence. High cholesterol and hypertension are also related to a greater risk of impotence. In that case, the doctor might recommend vacuum erection devices

5. Lifestyle variables and mental problems

Depression and anxiety are linked to an increased likelihood of impotence. So depression is characterized by feelings of sorrow, hopelessness, or helplessness. Moreover, depression-related fatigue may also result in impotence.

Additionally, performance anxiety might lead to impotence. If you have not been capable of getting an erection in the previous, you could be concerned that you will be unable to. Hence, men must avoid stress under any condition. 

Different Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The best part is that numerous treatments for erectile dysfunction exist, and the vast majority of men will discover one that helps them. So these are as follows:

1. Medications

PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitors may be used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

A man will take these medications 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity. Moreover, PDE-5 inhibitors are available only with a doctor’s prescription. Before prescribing them, the doctor will know about the patient’s underlying health conditions. 

2. Injections

If the patient can’t take medications, injections are a great alternative. So these injections are self-administered, and the doctor will prescribe the right dosage.

3. Lifestyle choices

Stress, smoking, lack of physical activity, alcohol, etc., can lead to ED. Hence, men must avoid these. 

4. Vacuum erection devices

So these devices help to draw blood to the penis and create an erection. We will detail the work process below. 

Why are vacuum erection devices Prescribed?

A vacuum or constriction device helps men with ED gain erections. So doctors often prescribe vacuum devices for Erectile Dysfunction to men who can’t take medications, have poor blood flow to the penis, or have damage to the nerves responsible for controlling the erection reflex.

Is a vacuum device for ED Effective?

According to studies, between 50 and 80 percent of men are pleased with the results of the vacuum device for ED. Yet, patient satisfaction may decline over time, as with any other treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).

How To Use The Device?

Before understanding the use of vacuum erection deviceslet’s see what a typical pack of the device contains:

  • Plastic tube
  • A pump that is mechanical, battery-operated, or electric
  • A constriction band

The tube is positioned over the penis, and the vacuum created by the pump sucks blood into the penis, causing it to get erect. Furthermore, the band is inserted at the end of the penis to aid erection maintenance. Use just the minimum amount of vacuum pressure required for erection. Excessive pressure might cause penile damage. The duration of the band’s presence should not exceed thirty minutes. Moreover, keeping it on for too long might cause major penile injury or bruising. 

When To Use The Device?

You can use these devices for erectile dysfunction when trying to have sex and failing to attempt a strong erection enough for sex.

How To Buy vacuum erection devices Online?

To get the best ed vacuum devices with FDA approval, you can always trust Ohman. So to buy, you can check the official website of Ohman and directly order it. Alternatively, you may book consultations with specialists to know the best device brand. 


So vacuum erection devices can greatly help men with numerous health conditions to get erections. Yet, always learn how to use the right and strictly avoid such devices for penis enlargement purposes.  read more articles on www.theescapistapk.com

By Zain Liaquat

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